Mommy Products

L’oreal Sublime Mousse

I’ve been dying my own hair at home for years. I’m not afraid to try other product lines, or go with what is on sale, however, when a new product comes out claiming to be better I’m intrigued. In this case L’oreal came out with a mousse style permanent hair colour. Claiming the mousse is less messy than normal colouring products out there. When dealing with hair dye, I honestly don’t think there is such a thing as “less messy”, it’s dye, get it in the wrong place and it’s trouble. I was drawn to the L’oreal version of the mousse because I have used their Preference line for a long time and have had great success.  In my opinion the mousse wasn’t any less messy than regular dye and it felt dry and I found it hard to feel like I was getting good coverage. After rinsing the colour out and applying the accompanying conditioner my hair felt and looked really dry. I wouldn’t use this product again, the convenience factor just wasn’t there and the outcome was unsatisfactory.


Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I tried these nail polish strips after a girl at work told me about them. Since becoming a mom, having my nails done has taken a back seat, but now it doesn’t have to! While watching an episode of “Once Upon A Time” I applied my nail polish. Easy to apply, no drying time, no top coat, just dry and fabulous! My nails were actually growing out before the nail polish needed to be removed. Easy to remove as well, just like real polish, a little polish remover and done!

The only thing I don’t like about these strips is the price but if you check your prices you can find quite a difference from store to store. Walmart has them for the best price in my area, keep an eye out in yours and pick them up and give them a try!

I tried “Bluscious”, a nice bright pink/coral colour. Perfect for summer, looks great with a tan. They have lots of nice colours and cool patterns to choose from, I think I will get a little glitter the next time.

Happy Painting!

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