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Lost: My Temper – Found: Patience

22 Jun

I come from and eclectic, fiery background. I’m a quarter each of Italian, German, Irish and French. I guess it’s no surprise that I would have a temper in there somewhere. I was definitely shown what a temper was from my mother growing up, she was insane (literally). One minute she would be calm, normal, the next screaming, yelling, swearing, and hitting! I always knew growing up that I never wanted to be that way to my kids, never, ever! It was horrible. I went through a tough time in my twenties with my emotions and had some nasty outbursts with my temper, and felt completely out of control.  Now that I’m reflecting back on it, it could’ve been totally hormonal.

I’m actually shocked at how much patience I have now, after becoming a mother. I haven’t had an issue with my temper at all since being pregnant. In fact, the amount of patience I have astounds me sometimes! I’m so grateful for my new-found patience. Don’t get me wrong things still bother me and stupid people are one of them…LOL! I haven’t grown patience for them yet. For my child and family I have an over abundance and that is fantastic.

I’m so glad I lost my temper when I did, now I have all the patience I need.