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Lost: Luck – Found: Lucky 13

13 Jul

It’s Friday the 13th today!

If you are superstitious this might not be your day but for my husband and I, 13 holds a special place in our heart! If you aren’t into psychics this might be hard for you to swallow, but bear with me. My husband and I, even before we were a couple, enjoyed going to psychics. For entertainment purposes, and the possibility that they might actually get something right. Most of the ones we have been to have been right with either our past, present or futures. I do believe there must be something to it, how else could a complete stranger know such intimate details about another’s life, things that even close family and friends don’t know?

My husband and his first wife went to a psychic and that woman told them together that they would get a divorce, he would manage a warehouse one day, that her number was 5 and his was 13. They laughed off the divorce and warehouse stuff because at the time they were happy in their marriage and he was a musician with a recording contract. They really focused on the numbers. The number 5 rang very true for his now ex-wife. They were married on May 5th (5/5), both of their children were born on the 5th of month, and the list goes on and on. Very cool. His number according to this woman was 13.  It wasn’t until later in his life that the number 13 started to make sense to him. You see, my husband and I are 13 years apart, we were married in August 2005 (8 + 5 = 13), our old house number totalled 13, little things in our life seem to surround the number 13. Interesting. Well then ultimately, the divorce prediction for him and his first wife did come true, and at that time he was managing a warehouse. The psychic’s prediction didn’t cross his mind until one day he was sitting at work and it dawned on him and he was amazed. Another psychic he went to see would read people’s handwriting, so he took a couple of signed documents from work ( I used to work with him), this lady looked at my signature and told him “she truly loves you”. Boy, was she right! I think it still took him 4 years after that to realize it himself, but he eventually got it!…LOL, I certainly do “truly” love him.

All of this ties into our belief that everything happens for a reason! So today on this Friday the 13th, don’t be frightened enjoy the uniqueness of the day and go buy a lottery ticket, because you just never know!

Happy 13th! 🙂

Lost: My Temper – Found: Patience

22 Jun

I come from and eclectic, fiery background. I’m a quarter each of Italian, German, Irish and French. I guess it’s no surprise that I would have a temper in there somewhere. I was definitely shown what a temper was from my mother growing up, she was insane (literally). One minute she would be calm, normal, the next screaming, yelling, swearing, and hitting! I always knew growing up that I never wanted to be that way to my kids, never, ever! It was horrible. I went through a tough time in my twenties with my emotions and had some nasty outbursts with my temper, and felt completely out of control.  Now that I’m reflecting back on it, it could’ve been totally hormonal.

I’m actually shocked at how much patience I have now, after becoming a mother. I haven’t had an issue with my temper at all since being pregnant. In fact, the amount of patience I have astounds me sometimes! I’m so grateful for my new-found patience. Don’t get me wrong things still bother me and stupid people are one of them…LOL! I haven’t grown patience for them yet. For my child and family I have an over abundance and that is fantastic.

I’m so glad I lost my temper when I did, now I have all the patience I need.

Lost: My Virginity – Found: My first husband

17 Jun

In keeping with my random rants about lost and found, I thought why not go old school for this one.

I was 16 years old when I lost my virginity and it happened to be with my long-term highschool boyfriend. Keeping up the tradition set by my older sisters, they both married their highschool sweethearts. For some reason I felt I had to do the same. After all, I had done the deed with this guy, so of course we should marry, right?

Ummm, HELL NO!  If I could go back and tell my teenage-self something, I would say, ditch this guy, enjoy your teens and have fun with the girls, go places, meet all kinds of people and live a little, soon life will find you and kick you in the ass, then you’ll get fat! 🙂

I’m not advocating for pre-marital sex, however, when my daughter wants to get married, I will make sure she has tried him on for size, I guess I should say him/her, just never know, either way, try them on see how they feel, do they do it for ya or not? If we expect marriages to last a lifetime then it better be freaking good, don’t you agree?

You have to try a couple or more on before you find the right fit, have some fun before you find “the one”, don’t rush it, be safe and enjoy yourself. Life is too short to live with regrets!

I found my second husband, after divorcing my first husband and trying on some different fits, my husband is the best lover, friend, care giver and support I’ve ever known, he may not have been the first, but he will be the last!

Lost: In my childhood – Found: In adulthood

12 Jun

I had the pleasure of growing up in a family with parents that never said “I love you” and never gave hugs or kisses to their children. In fact, it was the complete opposite, verbal, physical and emotional abuse. I know my parents did the best they could with what they had and although I can never forget what was done and what wasn’t, I can forgive. I have forgiven.

Being a parent myself now, I cannot even imagine hurting my little girl, in fact, if it’s possible to love your child too much, I’m guilty of that. From the moment I saw her, I was completely in love, and every day since she has been told how much her dad and I love her.  There are kisses and hugs and lots of love to go around. Our home is filled with love. It may not be filled with fancy furniture or nice things, but the one thing it is filled with is priceless!

I may have never know what it was like to be loved growing up, but I sure know how to love and be loved now, as an adult. So I take from my childhood pain, the reason that I had been wondering about… and that is a happy, loving adult family.  We do end up curing our childhood pain in our adult lives.