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Lost: A few balls – Found: My swing

15 Jun

I just got home from an afternoon on the links with my work.  I haven’t golfed in three years, and had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I’m not a great golfer, but I’m not bad, especially since I don’t get out very much at all.  I do enjoy the drinking part. It’s just nice to get out and enjoy yourself once in a while. It’s amazing how caught up in the day-to-day stuff that we actually forget to live!

I may have lost a few balls today, but I found my zest for life. Not that I don’t enjoy my life now, it’s just making time to have fun, go golfing, have a picnic, go to the drive-in. We make time for everything else, but when do we pencil in “fun” time?

The pencil is out, and I am penciling in some fun-time!!!

You should too!